All of Charlie's waterfowl calls contain a reed system made of man made materials fibers
molded to form a tone board that
will not swell from moisture during a long day in the
marsh.  The
reed resists freezing or sticking, especially with a wipe or spray of silicon.

I use a shorter reed system in the short barrel call, creating a
crisp, clear sound of an old
hen that can stand up to the
hearty hail and comeback without breaking and still make
great chuckles and hello's
as the ducks come over the decoys.

My calls have performed well for me over the years in the flooded fields or timbered pot holes
on the public conservation areas we hunt.

To build and order your custom duck call,
  1. Decide what type of call you want on the next page,
  2. Follow the links through the following pages, noting your selections,
  3. On the third page, you will have the opportunity to submit your order request
    to Charlie's Custom Calls.

I'm now able to offer a competition grade call with a polycarbonite stopper in either open water
(single reed or double reed) or timber (single reed or double reed).  

Below please see your choice of stopper colors: duck calls - smoke, bourbon or green; short-
reed goose call - clear.
Charlie's Custom Duck Calls
My custom calls will help you
bring in the ducks & geese...
deer & elk...
and other game.
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Charlie's Custom Calls
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