Charlie's Custom Calls offers the following friction calls:

                Single Surface
         Double Surface
                   ($20.00 ea.)                 ($30.00 ea.)

Single surface calls are normally a slate friction surface with a sound board of slate or glass.  Double
calls are normally a slate surface with your choice of a second surface.

Surface choices for Charlie's friction calls include:

The slate used in my calls has been mined at a quarry site located in the Slatebelt area of Bangor, PA.  
Bangor slate is known worldwide as the finest slate available.  It is interesting to note that nature has taken
over 400 million years to create this stone.  It began as a shallow inland sea covering eastern Pennsylvania.  
As time passed, tons of sediment slowly layered the ocean floor, eventually becoming thousands of feed
thick.  It took nature millions of years to compress this clay-like material into beds of hard stone.  Here it
would remain undisturbed until its discovery in the early 1800's.  Slate's unique layer upon layer formation
allows it to be split into thin sheets of durable, useful stone.  Man has developed many uses for the slate
including roofing, blackboards, tile, etc.
Charlie's Custom Friction Calls
Charlie's Custom Calls
My custom calls will help you
bring in the ducks & geese...
deer & elk...
and other game.
Anodized Aluminum
(avail. in green or black)
($5.00 extra)
Bronzed Glass
Copper ($5.00 extra)
Pennsylvania Slate
Charlie's Custom Calls
Copper "Fry Pan"
($2.50 extra)
Aluminum "Fry Pan"
($2.50 extra)