Charlie's Hunting Accessories
My custom calls will help you
bring in the ducks & geese...
deer & elk...
and other game.
Charlie's Custom Calls
Charlie's Custom Calls
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SWAMP SEATS - $20.00 ea.

bucket in the marsh just wasn't the answer.  The seat swivels atop an adjustable
(from 16" - 28") pole with an eight inch disc some distance from the top for a
stable seat in a muddy flooded field.
MARSH DOG DOCKS - $60.00 ea.

The Dog Dock is a must for the walk-in-hunter that wants their dog with him
when the water temps start falling towards the freezing mark.  

It's adjustable from 16" to 28" in height and gives ample room for the dog to rest,
16" x 24".  The legs unscrew and store on the bottom, making the dock easy to
carry by hand.
Dog dock folded up;
note  the handle and
easy carrying setup
"Jake" on top of the dog
dock; note the pins on the
bottom that allow the height